NAnt Build Prompter

This is a very basic script that a co-worker named Rabid made for me. I don’t know this syntax but he does for all the group policy stuff we have at work. Basically the way I had it setup to manually do nant builds was I had three seperate .bat files. That did the following:

  • One for copying the build to the staging server
  • One for copying the build to the deployment server
  • One for doing a complete build and then copying to the staging server

It was kind of a pain to have seperate bat files because then I had to run a specific one depending on the build/deployment I wanted. So this is the script that a co-worker came up with:

NAnt Build Prompter

The only thing you have to do is open the bat file, and change the path to nant.exe. The file is setup now with the following folder structure:
– trunk
– branches
– tags
– clickToBuild.bat

You only have to open the file and change the path to nant.exe. Maybe there is an easier way to do this but I haven’t tried it yet. Just thought I would share this as I have found it useful. Up to this point I just had 3 separate bat files. One for each build target. This is all running on my build server that is also running CruiseControl so when I need to update the production server, I log into the build server and kick off the deployment target.

If anyone wants to see the build file I am using let me know. It’s pretty much setup as a template now that I just copy to a new project and then change the variables. I’m sure everyone probably has something similar though.


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