VMWare Fusion with OSX Leopard

Back in June I attended WWDC 2007 and received a copy of Leopard Developer Preview. I’ve been running it on my macbook since then and it is somewhat stable. There are a few problems with text rendering in FireFox and both Safari and Firefox crashing every now and then but not too bad. For the last week I have been testing out VMWare Fusion on Leopard.

Amazingly it is pretty stable. The only real gripe I have is Unity mode. This seems to be the most unstable point of VMWare Fusion on Leopard.

At the moment I am running in Fullscreen mode within VMWare Fusion and the new spaces feature works very well. I can hit F8 to zoom out to see all the spaces and it renders the VMWare desktop just fine. Here are the points in which I found VMWare Fusion most unstable

  • Running in Unity Mode

This seems to be the most unstable of all the modes. In case you don’t know, Fusion offers 3 different modes of running. Single window, Full screen and Unity. Basically what Unity does is make the virtual machine desktop transparent which makes it seem as if the Windows program is running natively within OSX.

  • Waking VMWare session from sleep mode

I’m not sure if this is a VMWare problem or a Leopard problem. Sometimes after putting the laptop in sleep mode and then waking it up, vmware seems to hang. Not every time, just every once in awhile. Out of five times I attempted to do this, it hung twice. Not too bad.

  • Running multiple Applications

This seems to be one of the more unstable areas of combining Leopard with VMWare. I think if I had more memory to throw at the problem this problem would go away and I suspect that before Leopard comes out both VMWare and Apple would have solved this issue.

That being said, I have been happy with Leopard and am eagerly awaiting the release coming in the next few months. I am ready to abandon windows completely and work exclusively within OSX. The one and only thing still holding me to Windows is Visual Studio, hence why I started to look at Fusion. Good Stuff!


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